A Diversified Oilfield Service Company

Established in 2013, Clicker Megatransactions Ltd has become an excellent source for expertise in the oil and gas industry. Providing Drilling Project Management, Oilfield Consulting, and HSE coaching and auditing, we provide critical support to your office and field operations. At Clicker Megatransactions , we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with guidance and support in all locations and conditions. We are committed in providing efficient, professional, economic and safe services to our clients, regardless of size or complexity of the job.

Clicker Megatransactions ┬áis a diverse oilfield service company. We support our clients’ operations using brand new American made slickline equipment and filtration equipment that we operate. Clicker Megatransactions is a go to source for local supply of specialty chemicals and rentals as well. We are agents for many multinational brands in our locations around the world.

Our Corporate philosophy is to engage in ethical business with a focus on the use of the latest technology, building and promoting a safety culture, and protecting the environment with a commitment towards fruitful engagement and maximum returns for local and host communities.

Our staff provides critical support to our office and field operations. We have a comprehensive training program to sharpen skills of our staff with the best experienced mentors. Our professionalism and expertise has been duly acknowledged and well recognized in the oil services sector.

As a result, we can proudly look back at our thirty years of incorporation and growth, which is the result of our labor and belief in our ideals and corporate philosophy. With competent human resources and our years of experience behind us, we are ready to eliminate your challenges in this highly competitive business world.